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Eclipse FTP + SFTP + SSH explorer and version control

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Last couple of days I was looking for a great tool to access FTP from eclipse. The tool I’ve found is far beyond my expectation. Name is Remote system explorer. You can use FTP and at the same time SSH as well.
To install RSE try this link. How to use RSE

Version Control

Version control is one of the most important issue when you are working with a team. It is also helpful if you want to track the changes of your project. CVS and SVN are 2 popular version control tools.

To use CVS / SVN from eclipse, at first you need credential to access a CVS / SVN server. If you can’t decide which one to choose, you can have a look here to compare those 2 version control. If you are interested to setup your own CVS server / SVN server try the following links.

How to setup CVS server

How to setup SVN server

Well now lets talk about how to setup eclipse for version control. Setting up and and using CVS from eclipse is quite straight forward. CVS client is already built in with Eclipse IDE

How to setup CVS repository and use it from eclipse

If you want to use SVN, you’ve to setup SVN client manually. You can choose either subclipse / subversive as the SVN client. I prefer using subversive because subclipse is too heavy and I’ve read couple of feedback about subclipse bug with SVN.

Setting up SVN client in eclipse

Now the fun part will begin. You can add project in CVS/SVN server, commit changes or update your files from the server.

How to use subversion with eclipse

Well, have fun and if you are not sure couple of key terms related to subversion and to know best practices for sub version have a look here

Congratulation you become a version control guru ;)


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